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Over this job too.

Okay, now I get to rant about my other job. Wednesday night I was hosting at Luna. There are 4 servers on the floor and there are only 25 or so tables. THere are also 7 tables outside, but it was about to rain.

Now, I know that servers are dependent on tables to make money, but give me a break. I can't make anybody come into the restaurant & I can't refuse to move them if they don't want to sit where I want them to.

So I have this one server who's already upset because another server took a table for 6 in his section because he wasn't on the clock yet when they came in. I had nothing to do with this, I wasn't there yet either. Then when a large party came in and straddled two sections, I flipped a coin to see who got it. He didn't get the table and now he's all pissed at me. He keeps coming over to the hostess stand and fussing about how I'm screwing him over. Mind you, he's not the farthest behind, he's second. The person with the fewest tables never complained all night.

THEN I take a table from another section and offer it to him and he turns it down. HE TURNS IT DOWN. Well, now I'm over it. If you, as a server, feel it appropriate to turn down tables (after complaining all night about not having enough tables) then I, as a host, can no longer deal with you.
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