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money money money

yes, it is, in fact, a rich man's world.

I've been offered my old job back on a temporary basis- not the one that just laid me off, the one I quit a year ago as administrative assistant at the restaurant. I'm conflicted. Schedule wise, the restaurant would be perfect right now. But the money's not that good. ALthough they haven't been able to keep anyone since I quit (they've gone through 7 or 8 people) so I might be able to bargain for an extra buck or so an hour. But also, I think I remember hating that job. Although I don't thin I started hating it until I'd been there for months. So maybe this would be a good thing for a little while.

I'm temping right now. I hate temping. I have to get up earlier. And wait to see if I get caled and then run out the door like a mad woman. Although I've been on the same assignemnt for 3 days now. So that's kind of nice. And I make more an hour temping than I would if I go back to the restaurant.

My other option is to go get a retail job. There are a few places hiring in my neighborhood. I would probably not make as much an hour as the restaurant, but I could work more hours I think. I used to work retail before grad school. I think I remember hating that too.

See? Conflicted.
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