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This is the inaugural post of Over This Job. Which I am. Sometimes I really like my job, but a lot of the time I can't stand it. I'm a Project Assistant/Marketing Specialist for a small language services company in DC. The part of my job I hate, and what I'm supposed to be doing most of the time, is helping generate new business. And it involves a lot of cold calling. And the worst part is that my bosses seem to live in some fantasy world where what I do is not cold calling. "But we're providing a service that these companies actually need" Yeah, so? They don't know us & they don't know me, ergo I am cold calling.

Plus we (all the marketing assistants) have quotas. And my quota is not affected by the fact that I also perform other job functions. I also help coordinate translators and interpreters for assignment (the part of my job I love) which can take up a lot of time. But at the end of the day I'm still supposed to have made my 25 calls and my 10 mailouts etc. Not to mention the research needed for each of those calls.

Oh, and I have no job security. Every two weeks we have a meeting in which they informa us that if we don't produce soon, some or all of us will be let go. Nice, huh?

I'll rant about my other job later (I work evenings and weekends hosting/serving at a restaurant.)

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